Thanks to the generosity of their providers at some sites you can try optimization software directly without any need to install it yourself.

Cinque Terre

various solvers and submission forms

The following are NEOS solvers we have installed on THESE machines (several little used solvers were removed)


BiqBin online solver for binary QPs
NumaWWW interactive use of methods for numerical mathematics and optimization
AMPL Colaboratory Use Python notebooks on several platforms
WolframAlpha Solve linear, quadratic and polynomial equations online
ALIAS Solve up to 5 nonlinear equations or inequalities online
TOPOPT Topology optimization to maximize structural stiffness
NIMBUS solves possibly nonsmooth multiobjective NLP's, works interactively, uses a bundle method. Comes with a user's guide. You may login as guest or regular user.
Nonlinear LS Curve Fitter interactive Javascript-based tool
FGM-Web Java-based interactive implementation of feasible goals method.
BiqCrunch A semidefinite branch-and-bound method for solving binary quadratic problems
Biq Mac Binary quadratic and Max cut Solver (graph input)
SLHweb Web interface to Snakes and Ladders heuristic for Hamiltonian cycles