Other Sources

Other useful sources in this context are the following

Leaves Python code repository for optimization, machine learning and OR applications
ABeck Various Matlab codes and more by Amir Beck
FCurtis Various codes and tools by Frank E Curtis
ALGLIB Extensive numerical analysis library including many optimization solvers (C++ and C# API, Delphi and CPython wrappers, GPL and commercial versions)
PIPS Parallel solvers for (mostly) stochastic optimization (IPM, Simplex, NLP; C++)
OPTEC software Large archive of open source tools for control and general optimization (Matlab, C++, python)
JuliaOpt optimization-related projects in Julia
Google OR-Tools open source software by Google and others (C++, Python, Java, and .NET)
Wikipedia's List commercial and free codes
Freecode/Optimization large selection of free codes
Matlab File Exchange user contributed m-files
OPTI Toolbox comprehensive Matlab toolbox
Matlab Toolboxes list of toolboxes
Java-wrappers for OSI-compatible solvers for Clp, Cbc, Vol, Symphony, GLPK, Mosek
Constraint Programming Comprehensive website on CP
Stochastic Programming Community Homepage Various links of interest including conferences, bibliography, e-prints, software etc
COIN-OR Computational INfrastructure for OR; run by the nonprofit COIN-OR Foundation, Inc; regular and CVS downloads of open-source software for optimization and other OR-related software
MODULOPT Collection of Fortran and Matlab programs for various continuous optimization problems
NLopt Collection of programs for various continuous optimization problems; callable from C, Fortran, Matlab, Octave
OpenOpt Python-based optimization framework (LP, MILP, QP, NLP, Nonsmooth, Nonlinear Systems, LSQ) from the scipy team
otkpp Nonlinear optimization library written in C++ with Python and Qt interfaces; unconstrained, bound constrained, derivative-free, gradient-based
HSL Harwell library available for academic use
GAMS software guide a tool which allows to search for existing software by keywords. Provides automatic access to public domain software for all areas of numerical computation.
NEOS Optimization Guide comprehensive guide on optimization
ZIB Optimization for some discrete optimization problems: software and testcases
Optimization Online e-print archive; hosted by OTC and supported by MOS
Links related to optimization and OR collected by Kaisa Miettinen

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