Mathematical Analysis of Large Data Sets

Monday, April 3, 2006, 3:40 p.m. PSA 113

Alex Mahalov and Basil Nicolaenko

Dept Math & Stats

High Performance Computing of Environmental Flows: Data Assimilation and Statistical Description of Large Environmental Data Sets

Abstract Reliable prediction of environmental geophysical flows is an interdisciplinary challenge for engineers, applied mathematicians and computer scientists. The coupling of nonlinear mathematics, physics and chemistry on a wide spectrum of time and space scales presents a challenge in terms of practical resolution and effective simulation even for the latest generation of massively parallel computers. The ASU high performance computing project on multiscale environmental atmospheric physics focuses on improving capabilities of nested mesoscale (regional) and microscale atmospheric physics codes on parallel architectures. Computational and visualization tools developed under the umbrella of the National High Performance Computing (HPC) Modernization Program impact on the resolution of small scale phenomena with applications to regional environmental transport problems. HPC Satellite Cluster integrated in the Fulton School HPC Center is a valuable resource to the ASU Environmental Physics Community, linking local, regional and national efforts in environmental forecasting.
Joint work with HJS Fernando, M. Moustaoui, D. Stanzione, and S. Eikenberry.

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