List of projects with language/computer requirements for APM523
In some order you will do

   project          language          platform            software
   TSP                 AMPL           NEOS/local     all MILP solvers

   MILP              data format      NEOS/local     various NEOS solvers

   Global           AMPL/Matlab       NEOS/local   Global solvers/IPOPT/KNITRO

 Unconstrained      your choice       local          own program

     NLP              AMPL            NEOS           ICOS, MOSEK, CPLEX

   QP/QCP         NOT in Matlab       local          own program

   SDP/LMI        Matlab,Python       local/NEOS     CVX, CVXOPT or YALMIP

NEOS is  
local means computers in Linux lab ECA 217 or others