APM 523, Fall 2020, SLN 81708, Optimization, Course Homepage

Instructor: Professor Hans D Mittelmann
Location: GWC 646
Office hours: TBD
Office Phone: (480) 965-6595

required book , e-book, solutions of selected problems, other books

Current course information

The class meets: TTH 1:30-2:45 in WXLRA311

Short Syllabus, Scores, Lecture Notes, Slides, Basic AMPL, Important Info

Background and Philosophy


The homework for this class will be a combination of problems from books and computer projects. Students have a choice of programming languages.
Solutions will not be posted, instead solutions to selected problems will be shown in class.
Computer programs and reports should be submitted inside a directory with your name, zipped or tarred and attached to an email. The email should not contain any text. NO BLANKS in FILE NAMES


AMPL packages, Linux tutorial, What is Optimization?, Crash Course, Videos of Real-Life Applications
LaTeX help (and more)


DTOS website, NEOS server
X&SSH for Windows, AMPL website, AMPL tutorial, AMPL book, Linux vs Windows